Do i look like a Classified Ad?

Well its that time of year again, the time when everybody (well at least ma friends or friends of my friends) are looking a place to live. School starts in September and everybody who doesn’t have a place to live within 10 miles of Papine are now on a house hunt, There is also the other set of people who arnt comfortable with where they are or are being evicted for a plethora of reasons. So i have have now become the “go to guy” for available places for rent, as sure as the sun will rise i am sure someone will call me with an inquiry into the available apartment.

Ive come to a few conclusions as to why they are calling me, a guy with no experince in the real estate business, have no family who dabbles in the rental agency scams and i have no form of insider information into where is available or not, all i can come up with is this:

  • Maybe because i am very comfortable with where i live that my apartment has bestowed some form of apartment finding zen allowing me to find (or let people think i can find) places that will make them as equally comfortable as i am.
  • They consider me so cheap that i will not even consider telling them about something above their pay grade as of i do because of desperation they will have to take it.
  • I was a real estate agent in another life.

  • I was a classified Ad in another life.
  • The local classifieds has redirected all calls to my poor cellie.
  • Available houses have an affinity for me and are communicating telepathically for me to find them a lovable owner.
  • I just have a huge ego and they just calling everybody and i happen to be on their list.

Well in hopes of alleviating this added call congestion ive posted a link to an apparantly not so well known but useful website, so guys happy hunting!

The last hope

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