Changing the Admin sending email address in WordPress

This problem has been racking my brain for months. I finally stumbled upon the solution in the wee hours of the night. Here is the problem. Whenever someone submits a comment, sign-up as a user or does anything that requires wordpress to generate an email, the “sent from” address does not reflect the users domain name. For example, with this issue the send from address is normally “ or“. This is the default “sent from” address. Super Simple Solution Add this code into your functions.php file located in your theme files: function res_fromemail($email) { $wpfrom = get_option(‘admin_email’); return $wpfrom;
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How to send sms texts via email on your Blackberry

Now I’m sure everyone is looking for some way to cut costs in the midst of this global recession. One way i do this is by using my unlimited Blackberry Data Service to send ‘free’ sms text to my friends and relatives. Here are the steps: Step 1: Find out your the sms gateway for your receivers mobile network provider. Here is a list of sms gateways and their corresponding providers For the Caribbean: Digicel: areacode+number@digitext(countrycode).com For example, Cayman would be: Jamaica: Cable & Wireless (Lime): or Step2:  Go to the email setup application from your
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How to make a Stumbleupon button in Google Chrome

So you just found out about Google Chrome and you’re praising the internet gods for bringing you this browser to rescue from the perils of IE and Firefox. But then you found out about Chrome’s achilles heel, no Stumbleupon toolbar addon! I was just faced with this problem and i found a nice and easy work around. Here are the steps: Step 1: Go to the web version of the stumbleupon toolbar by typing in the address in the address bar Step 2: Log in with your stumbleupon username and password Step 3: Click the star beside the address to
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