Religious Hard Talk

After reading Spanish Inquistor’s blog I have a few questions about religion and Christianity that i need answering. It seems that whenever a person is unsure about the whole religion thing and they need questions answered, the people who should know the answer either don’t answer with them saying that you shouldn’t question what is or they give you some round the bush answer that doesn’t really answer anything. You know what I’m talking about, the whole FAITH answer, you know, telling you to have faith and don’t question God for if you do bad thing will happen. Its like
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21st Century Prostitution

Gone are the days when trading sex for money was a sordid affair. When women had pimps who served as both bodyguards and accountants. Gone are the days when the art of prostitution was simple in concept where you knew where you stood in the scheme of things and you could name your price upfront. Now it seems there is another shade to that gray area, a brighter more appealing ‘legally’ and socially accepted route. It’s a fine tuned blend of the taboo mixed with the traditional creating the ultimate hybrid. I wish i could give this new arm of
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