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Making money online: Affiliate Marketing

You see this term constantly when surfing the web in search for new ways to make money online, but what exactly does it mean? In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing is a practice in which a business rewards an ‘affiliate’ for the traffic they bring to them through their marketing efforts. Lets break it down further into a real world scenario. Company X sells iPods but would like to get more business, in order to do this they create a bunch of Ads and tell website Y that for each person that clicks on that Ad through their site they will get $1. In the end Company X gets a potential customer and website Y gets money for the traffic they generated to Company X.

How do you make this work for you? You need to target Affiliate Programs that generate high compensation methods. The most common of which are: Cost Per Sale (CPS), Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Mille (CPC). The higher the CPS, CPA, CPC or CPM the more earnings you will make from each and every customer that you created for the business.  Also increasing traffic to your own site will increase the number of responses to the affiliate ads and more money in your pocket.

In order to boost more traffic to your own site you can also use regular advertising methods such as search engine optimization, email marketing, display advertising and also search engine marketing. Another method to boost your compensation is to provide reviews for the products and/or service provided by a partner.


Diet and Exercise

We have all seen the commercials about a magical pill that will help you lose weight in seven days. You buy a bottle and after a whole month of taking them nothing happens. You become depressed, lose all hope and eat more unhealthy food which causes you to put on more weight. Well let me let you in on a little secret, its not that easy to lose the weight. No matter how good that magic pill is without proper diet and exercise that pill will have no effect and will only help you lose weight in your pockets.

Eat the right foods and regular intervals and burn off any excess calories and you will be on your way to having that body you always wanted. It’s as simple as that. Create a meal schedule that includes a balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack between each meal.



The cockroach is an insect that is well known to co-habitate with humans. They can survive in a large cross section of environments but thrive in warmer conditions. As a pest, they can commonly be found anywhere there is an excess of human refuse and will quickly multiply and become a major nuisance. Some problems that arise from cockroach infestation are:

Not only do cockroaches feed on human refuse but they will attack food found in cupboards, cabinets and other easily accessible storage spaces. Cockroaches also carry diseases in the form of tiny microbes on the surface of their body.  As a result of this, food contaminated by them will at most times be unhealthy for human consumption. They also leave a pungent odor that is undesirable to a home environment.  Cockroaches can live up to 3-4 months without food and water making even more difficult the eradicate them.