Reaching the One Billion Mark

It seems that the Social Network Wars are now over with Facebook emerging the victor. With no end in site Facebook with over 400 Million Users is on the top of its game. MySpace the once giant in the social network era was crippled when david-like Facebook approached. Indeed taking on a goliath feat was no easy task, but, with its streamlined business model and innovative network practices, many other social networks have to cower in fear. That is not to say that niche driven networks have not taken off in their own right. Social Networks such as Youtube and
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Lost: The End

After watching the finale of lost, I realized that not everything is to be read at face value and some things will never have an answer. The writers had a basic storyline but to keep us guessing they sometimes went off on a unexplainable tangent to throw us off course, giving us paths that will just end up at a dead end. With that said its or duty as dedicated lost enthusiasts to find that main road and forget those turn offs that cause nothing but confusion. Now that we know that in the end they are all dead the
Continue reading… helps you share secrets is a website that offers url shortening with a twist. Simple in concept, gives you the option of adding a password to your shortened links enabling you to share the link publicly with a select few. But why would you want to password protect a link? Well here are a few ideas: Share an inside joke on the fly with friends in specific groups eg. twitter and facebook lists. No need to contact group members individually. Share user sensitive data with your team Share X-Rated pictures and articles with that special someone Get that message out with additional
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Levels of Belief

During a deep meditation after having a drink of Appleton Rum, my mind wandered off into the world of religion. I wondered how many different types of believers are there. Not how many different religions there are, but if you were to pick one religion say, Christianity, how many types of believers would there be that practice their faith and, to what extent.  Don’t get me confused with the idea of denominations/sects, I’m talking about the many levels of belief, starting with the fanatical believers and working its way down to the full blown satanics. I’m pretty sure I fall
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