100% Jamaican

Here are some interesting facts about my island homeland, Jamaica, that you may not have known but will indeed find interesting. Jamaica has the most “churches” per square mile of any country in the world. Source-Guinness Book of World Records. Over 1,600 “churches” all over Jamaica . That number is growing. Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to construct a railway, even before the United States ! This was only 18 years after Britain ! Jamaica is the first Caribbean Country to gain Independence . Jamaica is the first team from the English-speaking  Caribbean  to qualify for
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How to make Homemade Rum

Ever wondered how they make that magical liquid that when drunk moderately makes your night better and in excess your morning worse? Well I have and I’ve decided to concoct my own version of rum just to see if I could. And let me tell you, its the best rum I’ve ever had…Well it comes close. It is surprisingly easy to make your own rum, with just one stop to the local grocery store and a little light Googling one day, anybody can create their own alcoholic masterpiece. Many articles on the subject will tell you that you need fancy
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Making Marijuana Brownies

Now i know many people hate the idea of smoking with all the talk of emphysema, cancer and the other health hazards of inhaling smoke. But its kinda hard to kick the habit with hardly any other safe and just as potent methods of getting high. Well I’m here to give you the easiest and ultimate recipe for making pot brownies. Ingredients One Brownie mix 3/4 Cups Oil 2 Eggs A bag of Marijuana (Roughly 4-8 grams depending on strength required) 1/4 Cup of Water (Optional) Directions Step One: Grind up the Marijuana and add to a pot of the
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21st Century Prostitution

Gone are the days when trading sex for money was a sordid affair. When women had pimps who served as both bodyguards and accountants. Gone are the days when the art of prostitution was simple in concept where you knew where you stood in the scheme of things and you could name your price upfront. Now it seems there is another shade to that gray area, a brighter more appealing ‘legally’ and socially accepted route. It’s a fine tuned blend of the taboo mixed with the traditional creating the ultimate hybrid. I wish i could give this new arm of
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