Inanimate Sexuality Pt1

This is my first attempt at giving life to inanimate objects. I will try to make them feel and touch as we do. Paper Mate Never once in my one year of existence have i ever met a girl like her, usually, people are rough with me pressing me against the cold hard steel, not caring whether or not i see, hear or feel. The first time i opened my eyes i saw something being thrown on me causing me to lose my color instantly. They then threw me and 499 of my other companions in a brown fibrous prison
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Do i look like a Classified Ad?

Well its that time of year again, the time when everybody (well at least ma friends or friends of my friends) are looking a place to live. School starts in September and everybody who doesn’t have a place to live within 10 miles of Papine are now on a house hunt, There is also the other set of people who arnt comfortable with where they are or are being evicted for a plethora of reasons. So i have have now become the “go to guy” for available places for rent, as sure as the sun will rise i am sure
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Quotes that i live by

The end justifies the means A soft answer turns away wrath I’m alone but not lonely To love/like someone is to know when to let them go: Mine Remember the past, live for today, plan for the future Life’s a bitch so be a dog and fuck it Life makes boys of men so be a kid at heart: Mine Ask no questions tell no lies When life gives you lemons make lemonade which came first the chicken or the egg? who cares eat them both!: mine

A Riddle

19+5+24 is not equal to forty eight maybe you need letters to set the facts straight ————————————————————————————————————— Made this yesterday…super easy… make a comment with the answer


In my mind there is only one sexual orientation… man to woman. Homosexuals to me are, well, what i like to call deviants of the one true sexual orientation. It is said in the bible to go forth be fruitful and multiply, i shall reserve judgment as to what i think the homosexuals are doing as it isnt my job to do so. It may sound like i have a problem with them but i don’t, i really dont have a problem at all. The way i see it is that people should be allowed to do whatever they want
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